Installation Instructions


STEP 1. Bell&Bella's fabric wall stickers love walls, windows and doors. When choosing a place for your wall sticker, always make sure the surface is dry, smooth and clean.  


STEP 2. Carefully peel off the sticker(s) from the backing paper.  


STEP 3. Stick the fabric wall sticker to your chosen surface and smooth it down carefully with your hands. You can use a ruler to smooth the sticker so that it's free of wrinkles and curls.  


STEP 4. If you change your mind, you can easily remove the wall sticker without leaving any residue and place it somewhere else.


Our fabric wall stickers can be applied to almost any surface, and will not damage your walls. Some paint finishes, for example oil based paints may not give the best adhesive result. Please also wait a couple of weeks for freshly painted surfaces before applying wall stickers.

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