Our Story

Bell&Bella is the creation of sisters Stephanie and Ashley Bell. 

Bringing together their collective backgrounds of production, art and design, Bell&Bella offers a range of beautiful Australian-designed water coloured muslin swaddles and fabric wall stickers.

Bell&Bella evolved after the birth of Stephanie’s first child Charlotte. After looking for quality baby swaddles with creativity and craftsmanship, the sisters were inspired to create their own.

Sharing a love for colour and illustration, Bell&Bella’s first collection, Little Angels was launched in October 2015.

Working with a local Melbourne artist, Little Angels has a series of different characters in the collection - Sammy the Squirrel, Willow the Wombat, Betty the Bear, Danny the Duck, Jimmy the Joey, Kimmy the Kangaroo, Poppy the Penguin and Max the Moose. Each character has its own story, personality and charm.

*Every baby swaddle from Bell&Bella is lovingly finished and hand wrapped with a name tag. For an extra special gift, upon purchasing two swaddles, customers will receive a special Bell&Bella drawstring bag.

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